Reverse Facebook Targeting for Your Shopify Ecommerce Business

Allow me to introduce to you the theory of reverse Facebook Targeting with your ecommerce business.

What Is Reverse Facebook Targeting?

Reverse Facebook Targeting uses a content marketing approach in your Facebook ads.  Instead of using Facebook’s data to create a highly targeting following, we will use content to create a custom audience of potential buyers.

The problem with using Facebook’s data to create highly targeted audiences is the fact that you are using the same information that everyone else has access to.  This means plenty of competition which also means expensive.

However, if we use content (videos or blog posts) to qualify hot prospects and pixel them for pennies, we can then build out our very own private audiences of hot prospects.  These are prospects that we know are interested in what we’re selling.

Want to Learn More About Reverse Facebook Targeting…

Watch the Following video.


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