7 Essential Keys To Make $100 A Day Affiliate Marketing

$100 per day affiliate marketing

I want to give you the 7 Keys To Making $100 A Day Online.

As an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer I’ve seen 3 and 4 thousand dollar days yet, I do remember what it was like in the beginning.

I started my journey in 2012 and I remember my first goal was to make $20 a day online. I wanted to succeed so badly. And that of course is the first step. You’ve got to want it. And if you truly want to be successful online, you will.

But enough of that…

Let’s get into specifics here.

7 Keys To Make $100 A Day Online

Making money online on a consistent basis requires that you set up a system (or series of systems.) Too many people just continuously throw spaghetti at the wall and hope something sticks. And that rarely works.

  1. Settle on the affiliate marketing model. Affiliate marketing is the beginner’s friend. For 2 reasons. First of all, when you promote an affiliate product (someone else owns the product and they pay you a commission on each sale based on referrals from unique tracking links) you don’t have to worry about order fulfillment, customer service, support and all that other junk. You simply focus on driving traffic to the offer and growing your “System.” Also…When you promote an affiliate program you are partnering with a company that has most likely spent hundreds if not thousands of hours tweaking their sales pages to make sure conversion levels are high. That takes a set of skills that most beginners do not possess.
  2. Focus on generating Free Traffic. Some people teach an affiliate marketing model that uses paid advertising. And while this seems quick and slick, the fact is…you’re unlikely to turn a profit. Online advertising is sold on an auction basis. So for example. Let’s say you are promoting a product that pays a $10 commission. If you’re willing to spend $5 on ads to make a sale (thus earning $5 profit) then I guarantee there is a guy willing to spend $9.50 on ads to make that same sale (and earn a $.50 profit). He’s just going to do it on a much larger scale than you can probably afford. Yet, when you focus on free traffic you can rely on rapport. People will get to know and like you…therefore, they will happily take your product recommendations.
  3. Go to the free traffic…like Quora, Facebook Groups and YouTube.
  4. Solve a problem. For some reason, people view the internet as a magical fairly land that prints money and all you have to do is hack the system to get rich. FACT: money comes from people (yes, even on the internet). Learn how to help people and the money will follow. Solve peoples problems. Answer their questions. And stay focused within the niche of the affiliate product that you are promoting. That way you can finish the job by recommending that product.
  5. Make at least $25 per sale in commissions. Making 4 – $25 commissions is a heck of a lot easier than making 10 – $10 commissions.
  6. Capture their email with a content upgrade. Offer a PDF or free training that provides additional value. This will set you apart from the masses and get people to really like you and trust you. Capturing the email will also allow you to…
  7. Follow Up. In general, only 2% of the people buy the first time. When you can follow up with emails, you can make sure you earn the affiliate commission when they do decide to buy.

Follow these steps and turn a good business into a great business. For even more insider affiliate marketing tips from a proven expert…watch the following video.

And remember, quality will set you apart.

Invest time up front creating a high quality system and you can reap the benefits for years to come.


Brian Brewer

CCO, Influencer Training Academy

Founder, Madcam Publishing

Content marketer, growth hacker, teacher, entrepreneur, YouTube expert, retargeting fanatic and email marketing specialist with a knack for leveraging free traffic. Oh...and founder of Madcam Publishing LLC