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Below you will find the best resource for YOUR personality traits and strengths.

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Brian Brewer, Founder of Madcam Publishing LLC 

Are you a 1, 2 or 3?

If you're a 1...

You are meticulous and patient. You are probably well suited for paid advertising. Something like dropshipping is perfect for you. If you're going to see success in e-commerce you are going to have to test ads and ad sets like a scientist. You'll have to run split tests and you'll have to run these tests correctly.  

Change too many things in your ad and your data is useless. Switch products too quickly and you may have just tossed out a winner. Botch the targeting and none of it matters.  

Advertising is cheap right now so it's a great opportunity. If you need help setting your Shopify store up or you simply want to take advantage of an extended free trial, click the link below to grab my free video training.

If you're a 2...

You are creative & passionate. You will most likely be happy in life doing what you love. 

This is where I fall. I'm definitely a 2.

  • I love creating content.
  • I love trying crazy things to see if I can drive more traffic.
  • I love helping people and I'm passionate about motivating people to find a way to leave their job and create their ideal life.  

I want to help you to Discover Your Change.  

There is obviously a ton of potential here. No matter what you're passionate today's world, you can turn that into a fun and lucrative business. However, keep in mind, if you're deathly afraid of going on camera and you lack the desire to create content then you're probably not a 2...and that's ok.

All 2's should watch my FREE TRAINING VIDEO...

...that breaks down the EXTREMELY POWERFUL "ABC Content" Strategy...

...which allows you to USE FREE TRAFFIC to build your brand and SELL ANYTHING.

If you're a 3...

You are data driven and analytical. 3's are often good at math.  

  • If you're a 3, you can follow directions easily.
  • If you're a 3, you can probably read a map (the old school ones, not Google)
  • And if you're a 3, a business like Amazon FBA is perfect for you.

Amazon FBA is numbers game.

You use a certian set of numbers to discover which products you should sell. You use a different set of numbers to price you products. And a 3rd set of numbers tell you when to scale up. 

Boring yet extremely effective.

If you're a 3, you should take advantage of the free trainng offered by Matt Clark an his team at ASM by clicking the link below.